Agrostep as a company has been always focused on the latest international developments regarding cutting edge technology on plant nutrition and protection.

Since 1997 we have been following the needs of the Greek agricultural market and in cooperation with our agriculturist clients throughout the country as well as our partners abroad, we design, test and install innovative nutrition products with the most advanced knowledge available. We are among the first to work on the ‘activation of endogenous plant defense’ technology against both biotic and abiotic factors.


Today we are in a position to provide a large variety of solutions, capable of resolving most problems related to plant nutrition and plant stress due to biotic or abiotic factors, resulting in products of higher added value. Our technicians are always in contact with our agriculturist partners as well as leading producers, gathering knowledge and experience to constantly improve our services.

Our mission is a viable, healthy and profitable agriculture, friendly towards the producer, the consumer and the environment.