Biostimulant products are formulations that enhance the nutrient uptake of plants, reinforce the plant defense against abiotic stress factors and increase the qualitative features of the end product. They also assist root growth, increase chlorophyll and carotenoids presence in leaves, ensure the hormonal balance of the plant and improve pollination and fruit-setting.

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    Promoter of Flowering
    Seaweed extracts with high content in phosphorous, enriched with boron and molybdenum



    Αναγέννηση κυττάρων ενάντια στην βιοτική καταπόνηση




    Product with specific action


    Sprout, protector and vasodilator

    Biostimulant for the natural coloring of fruits, which activates the biosynthesis of carotenoids and anthocyanins.

    Energetic concentrate for fruit growth. It promotes the synthesis of proteins and enzymes that activate cell growth and division, mobilizing the nutrients of the leaves, stem and roots towards the fruit, acting as an initiator of the process of fattening and ripening of the fruit without causing the degradation of the tissues.


    Ripening Bioactivator
    Seaweed extracts with high content in potassium and metabolizable sugars

    Biostimulant corrector of physiopathies of the fruit skin in horticultural & fruit

    Cell regeneration and healing

    R-istor is 100% natural origin based on plant compounds that promote cell division and fattening.

    It not only provides major nutrients such as nitrogen phosphorus and potassium, but also provides trace elements and polysaccharides.