Improves Root development and prevents high salinity-related damage



GEOSAN L is a liquid fertilizer, suitable for fertigation, characterized by a nutritive and bio-strengthening activity in the rhizosphere.

This particular formulation maximizes the polyphenol complexing properties with the effect to promote root growth and nutrient uptake, also in soils affected by exhaustion.

Thanks to the contribution of calcium and magnesium, regular applications of GEOSAN L throughout the crop cycle improve soil vitality and promote a vigorous development of the crop, even in saline soils.Λίπασμα-CE-1280x1352.png

Polyphenolic Complex:

The polyphenolic complex improves soil’s structure, the acidification of soils with excessive pH and prevents salinity-related damages.

Thanks to the stimulating activity on the development of the useful microflora (microbic antagonists), GEOSAN L limits the proliferation of damaging pathogenic agents and contributes to limit the development and multiplication of (phytophagous) nematodes, which are responsible for plant root damage.