Bio-protection against thermal stress and induction of vegetative growth. It offers fast recovery in plantations suffering from environmental stress due to extreme temperatures. In high temperatures, Wake-up controls evapotranspiration procedures which result in the plant protecting the biological structure of the cell from thermal stress and thus sheltering the plantation from possible disintegrating procedures. In…


Specific product composed of molybdenum and vitamins B1, B6 and B12, with natural plant proteins and carbohydrates. Involved in nitrogen metabolism, particularly in the synthesis of new amino acids and enzymes, providing basic elements that favor fruit set and fruiting processes.

VIRA energizer

Σειρά VIRA energizer   Για υδρολίπανση και διαφυλλική εφαρμογή. Πλήρως υδατοδιαλυτά υψηλής καθαρότητας, χαμηλής αγωγιμότητας, χωρίς θειικά, χλωριούχα και ανθρακικά. Xαμηλού pH. ΣΥΝΘΕΣΗ   ΤΕΧΝΙΚΑ ΧΑΡΑΚΤΗΡΙΣΤΙΚΑ


Active substance of stemicol The active ingredient is composed of chitooligosaccharides, which are fractions of molecules derived from chitin with a specific chain length. When chitooligosaccharides are recognised by the receptor proteins of a plant, its innate immune response is activated. This favours local and systemic biochemical processes that improve the overall state of the…

SB 12

Biostimulant of fruit set, that includes natural active ingredients to improve fruit set through a hormonal induction and stimulation process.


PROVIRAN is a new product which performs as cellular regenerator against biotic stress caused by bacteria. Request through our website the effectiveness trials in tomato using this new product.


Biostimulant of defenses against thermal stress. It makes the plant adapt to situations of thermal stress, thus neutralizing the action of the oxidative species that are generated in extreme temperature environments. This enhances the plant’s defense systems and ensures better flowering and fruit set.


Controls (restricts) several important nutrition-related diseases and their negative effects on plants and produce, including sepsis, tissue disintegration, dehydration, leaf and produce necrosis etc. It increases mechanical endurance(strength), it prevents and heals light rips in the produce, and it restores the vitality of the produce and the plant.