Controls (restricts) several important nutrition-related diseases and their negative effects on plants and produce, including sepsis, tissue disintegration, dehydration, leaf and produce necrosis etc. It increases mechanical endurance(strength), it prevents and heals light rips in the produce, and it restores the vitality of the produce and the plant.


Effective against naturally induced oxidative stress such as: vegetative-productive straining, phytohormones misuse, excessive handling, sudden temperature changes, high conductance etc. It results in a slowdown of cell ageing, an increase of cell turgidity, reduce of tissue blackening and a push of endogenous defense.


Nutrition and induction of endogenous defense. It has an immediate effect on ground-root-plant creating a particularly favorable environment for the activation of the biocontrol mechanisms of the plant, which increase endogenous defense and stimulate the reactions of the plant against pathogenic and bacterial factors. It also offers a complete and balanced nutrition supplement and strengthens…